London treasures… I found one precious trainspotter notebook. Someone came to the shop and brought me some of his others notes !!!!!  

What do the British mean when they call somebody an “anorak”?

It is a term of mild abuse directed almost exclusively at men. Such men are usually obsessively interested in an obscure subject and/or activity – the archetypal one being trainspotting. Such activities often require the participant to spend hours out of doors doing not much and occasionally writing something in a little book. Hence, such people often wear anorak because they are (a) cheap (b) practical (c) have lots of pockets for flasks, notebooks, pencils, other pencils etc. Obsessive participation in such activities into later life is often regarded with derision by soi-disant normal people, whereas in fact it has actually been linked to a mild form of autism.Simon Blake, Shrewsbury England

An ‘Anorak’ is the name given to someone who has an obsession with a particular hobby i.e. football statistics, trainspotting etc. I presume that the word itself derives from the rows of sad looking people standing every weekend and evening in the rain at the train station in their anoraks with their thermos flasks of tea while they tick off the numbers of trains as they go past. Jon Wereik, Welwyn, Herts UK.