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SPECIAL WEEK-END !!!! Make an offer until monday with a comment  or an email



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War goes on. I’m hunting the finest things in this world. Creating new entities to fight morosity, guns, funny weapons freshly made by TOOLS War Department.

TOOLS is preparing a collection of three differents wooden totem toy inspired by that one. One like this, one smaller and one surprising. Might you be interested in ? …please send an email if yes or no, why and what could be the price of this funny handcraft product.

Thank you !


 Let’s design some typical East London products. TOOLS would like to product Stick’s men Wallpapers.


Snail Graff by WA ROOX

Tools presents Wa Roox, a talented graffeur from La Reunion.

He is the new guest of TOOLS in Cheschire Street, E2 6EH LONDON. Many design products based on his work are coming soon. Don’t forget to follow this on our blog next months…

TOOLS is attending OPERATION ESCARGOT soon…!!

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